Attachments and Milling



We understand that when we talk about Precision Removeable Appliances that the utmost care must be taken to achieve success for the restoration. We take care to provide precise milling and interlocks from the most basic attachments to the most complex. We will be happy to assist you with the proper treatment planning for such cases.
We are able to handle all the different attachment systems on the market to date. If you have a preference do not hesitate to tell us which attachment system you prefer.
We are also proud to present you with the Telescopic Precision Removable Restoration successfully used for many years in Germany!

Advantages for this type of Attachment:

  • proper aesthetics as there are no clasps showing
  • forces are directed and distributed naturally along the root axis of the teeth
  • outstanding conservation and preservation of prepared teeth
  • there is no tooth damage due to clasps
  • removable parts can be cleaned easily

Contact us for more information in regards to treatment planning and preparations required to achieve the ultimate success.


Attachment systems that we use: Cendres & Métaux, Rhein 83, Bredent, Servo Dental, Ceka, Preciline, Attachments International.