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The future of joint technology in dental laboratories belongs to laser welding.


Joint technology through welding means secure joints with high strength and bio- compatibility thanks to the use of weld fillers of the same type. The need to employ laser-welding units in dental laboratories is based on the clear recommendations of the German Health Department.

Quote: "Soldering must only be carried out when unavoidable. "

Quote: "The number of alloys in the mouth of a patient is to be kept to a minimum. "

The soldering technique cannot meet these demands.


Metallographic micrograph through 

the X-shaped weld of the DIN 

test sample of PontoStar Ti welded 

with PontoStar G (V=9-fold)

With soldering you can only achieve approximately 40% of the original strength whereas with laser welding we can achieve 100% or greater strength of the original casting!

Metallographic cross out of a 

laser welded DIN test sample from 

PontoRex G, X-shape preparation welded 

with PontoRex G (E=9-fold) 

as weld filler metal

Laser welding samples.