A Revolution in Chrome-Cobalt Alloys

It Bends, It Twists, It Turns, It's a Gas !

Removable Partial Dentistry is Changing. The introduction of Nitrogen gas into chrome-cobalt has revolutionized the behaviour of removable partial dentures as we know them today. Wironium's Vickers Hardness of 330, elongation of 12% and ductile strength of 650 N/mm2 create the conditions for thinner framework designs with added strength required for predictable adjustments. It is precisely these factors that set a unique new standard in partial dentistry. Your patients will enjoy the comfort and security nitrogen-enriched Wironium brings to their restoration.

WE are... of the select group of dental laboratories

throughout the world affiliated to the


The INTERNATIONAL WIRONIUM-CIRCLE, or I.W.C. for short, is a worldwide association of

leading dental laboratories with a common aim:

First-class dental work using top quality materials.

WIRONIUM WIRONIUM plus and WIRONIUM extra-hard are cobalt-chrome alloys for all cobalt-chrome applications.

They satisfy all of the requirements of importance to you as the dentist in carrying out restoration work for your patients: biocompatibility achieved through extremely pure, selected alloy components, prostheses that resist deformation even under extreme masticatory loads. The quality of the WIRONIUM alloys forms the clinical basis for technically and cosmetically perfect solutions for a wide variety of cases. We advise you on selecting the alloys and will gladly provide a specimen of our work for you to judge for yourself.

The alloys of the.WIRONIUM group were developed by BEGO in conjunction with Thyssen Stahl AG, and have been amongst the world's best for decades.