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Polymethyl methacrylate is susceptible to chemical shrinkage during polymerization. Considerable inaccuracy in the finished prosthesis is generally the result, especially in conventional methods of fabricating dentures. To resolve that problem, lvoclar has developed the SR-Ivocap system, a special procedure which fully compensates such shrinkage.

Through the use of controlled heat/pressure polymerization, acrylic resin shrinkage can be compensated by pressured feeding of additional material.

The SR-Ivocap injection technique thus assures high quality products that have excellent physical and clinical characteristics.

SR-Ivocap is universally applicable for

-full dentures

-partial dentures

-bases and relines

SR-Ivocap Elastomer, a tough, flexible material with special physical characteristics, is recommended for:


-mouthguards in sports



Spherical deformation with conventional polymerization, 

noted by Professor Körber

Conventional    SR-Ivocap

        material          denture material


The SR-Ivocap injection technique offers patients, dentists, and dental technicians decisive advantages over the packing/ pressing technique.

Patient: sturdy dentures that fit, restore proper suction, and have no pressure points using premium Vivodent PE (Pearl Effect) denture teeth.

Dentist: greater accuracy, no increase in vertical dimension, saves time, successful prosthesis

Dental Technicians: systematic procedure, no more re-occlusion, no con- tact with monomer, optimum polishability, sturdy denture, saves time

Homogeneous denture base assures prosthesis is tissue compatible, thus prevents inflammation of mucosa

Systematic technique assures efficient procedure and consistently high quality

Pre-dosed resin in capsules assures clean, perfect composition - no contact with monomer during mixing. Controlled polymerization permits re-use of left over material. When stored according to instructions, residue in capsule can be kept for up to five days.

No increase in vertical dimension: The SR-Ivocap injection technique avoids vertical dimension in- crease, reproduces precise occlusion, thus practically eliminates re-occlusion and grinding.

Heat/ Pressure polymerization assures maximum degree of polymerization, strong chemical bond

with resin teeth, and lasting color stability. The SR-Ivocap system is the best way to achieve perfection in dental prostheses.