A porcelain system so
          remarkably proven we
          guarantee it for 5 years.


Celay®. . . the now system for contemporary all ceramic restorative dentistry.

Celay® is a revolutionary, extremely accurate and efficient new system for the fabrication of porcelain inlays, onlays, and veneers from Celay® ceramic blanks; crowns and bridges from Vita Celay® In-Ceram® and In-Ceram® Spinell and Zirconia blanks. The Celay® system produces dramatically superior aesthetic restorations, using sophisticated Swiss micro milling technology to ensure extremely accurate results.







Additionally, the wear characteristics of the porcelain materials used for the Vita Celay® ceramic blanks are very similar to natural teeth, so that Celay® restorations are kind to the opposing dentition. By combining the superior aesthetics of Vita porcelain, extremely accurate fit and natural wear characteristics, Celay® is the now system for contemporary all ceramic restorative dentistry.




Independent testing reports zero breakage.

In accordance with ADA guidelines, Celay® has been tested and declared superior to other forms of ceramic currently available for Class 2 tooth colored restoration, showing zero breakage after 2 years of clinical testing.

The Celay® system advantage:

  • Precise match to Vita Shade Guide
  • Vita porcelain for the ultimate in aesthetics
  • Greater patient satisfaction due to superior aesthetics
  • Proven biocompatibility
  • Fine particle size (4 microns) and high aluminous oxide content for wear characteristics similar to natural dentition
  • Highest strength all ceramic crowns and bridges available (500 Mpa)
  • Fast turnaround time for emergency cases
  • Unmatched wearkind to opposing dentition
  • Consistently better fit (40-50 microns)
  • Precise anatomical detailing during production results in less chairside adjustment time