Our comprehensive list of fully certified services is sure

to make you smile.

Certified Vita Celay / Spinell / Inceram / Zirconia all ceramic crowns and bridges

Certified Vita Celay porcelain inlays/onlays

Certified Procera all ceramic crowns and bridges, custom milled implant components. Member of the Procera Network

Certified Golden Gate crown and bridge laboratory 

Certified Vita Omega 900 and Vita Alpha laboratory for Classic and 3D shades

Certified Allceram crown and bridge laboratory

Certified Heraceram crown and bridge laboratory

Certified Espe Sinfony laboratory

Certified laboratory for all implant systems. Extensive implant experience since 1987

Certified Precision Removable Appliance (PRA) laboratory Attachment and Milling cases. Wironium castings. Member of the International Wironium Circle

Certified Laser welding laboratory

Certified Ivocap injection processing since 1982

Peters Dental Ceramic Studio, established in 1959, offers you the latest technology, combined with the personal attention and service only a small laboratory can provide.


Although we began by specializing in crown, bridge and ceramic work, we have grown to become a full service laboratory, and one of the leaders in technology in Canada.


Ours is a team approach. We believe your skill as a dentist, combined with the expertise of our technicians and adherence to strict quality control standards leads to the ultimate benefit for you and your patients.



A full service laboratory

For more information, contact:  Mark Peters, RDT, President

Telephone (416) 763-7539 Facsimile (416) 763-0806 Toll Free 1-800-969-6607

3330 Dundas Street West, Toronto, On M6P 2A4