We have the Key to Occlusal Success….

If you are frustrated with occlusal adjustments or just managing occlusal records, we may have the solution for you!


With our 4 Step approach we can help you manage and achieve the best possible functional and aesthetic results that you and your patients are looking for.




Provide us with full arch study models and a face bow registration (Preferably an ARCUS face bow, this is a 2 minute face bow) Remember that recording the patient’s anatomical data is the basis for quality and precise function of the dental prosthesis. Provide a centric occlusal record. We will fabricate a paraocclusal clutch.




Make an appointment with our laboratory for a functional three-dimensional computerized pantographic registration for the patient using the Condylocomp LR3. From this information detailed analysis may be performed, or a technicians page produced for the laboratory indicating the proper information for programming a fully adjustable articulator such as the Protar 7. Through the aid of the Condylocomp LR3 the models can be “walked into” centric relation.




Prepare final full arch impressions and send all relevant information to the laboratory. Have the laboratory program in the details from the pantographic tracing into the articulator. It is now possible for the technician to take the guesswork out of establishing the proper occlusion and maintaining the function that the patient can tolerate.




Insert the prescribed prosthetic restoration. The occlusion should nearly be perfect (of course we do not have the muscles and ligaments to work with.) The patient should feel very comfortable.



This scenario is used for the simplest to the most complex cases. For the fabrication of TMJ splints, crowns, bridges, veneers, implant cases etc. It is a way for us to maintain the occlusal records of the patient in a database forever.


See why more and more dentists are using this system and achieving the peace of mind that comes with it.